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A Nurse's Hemp Wellness Breakthrough

The Background

I have always had a soft spot for helping people at their most vulnerable, and thus nursing has given me great personal satisfaction and a sense of doing something for the “greater good.” However, after some years of practicing, I started noticing the large doses of pharmaceuticals involved in a single person’s journey to “health.” Most facilities treat pain aggressively with pain killers and narcotics, sometimes giving opiates every few hours. I found myself delivering an average of 25 pills for individual patients with chronic diseases and chronic pain, most of them with side-effects and the potential to interact badly with one another.

I realized how the industry’s firm reliance on pharmaceuticals and pain killers was resulting in second-hand health effects and perhaps contributing towards the increasing opioid dependency facing our communities. This situation sparked my interest in the benefits of medical cannabis and, most specifically, in CBD. ...After learning all of this, what could be my contribution?

The Birth of Hemp Circle

After researching medicinal cannabis, my focus turned to CBD. I learned about the positive impact CBD has on people, however, I also learned about the challenges placed on consumers buying and learning about CBD for sale online. 

I identified an opportunity to support the community through vetted CBD products and resources. We explored the idea with other peers in the medical cannabis community, and a collaboration was born to start Hemp Circle.

Entering the CBD industry presented many challenges. As a startup, we relied on the support of the wonderful local medical cannabis community, where we were able to access resources and meet other advocates.

Most importantly, we made the conscious decision that Hemp Circle would only carry premium-grade products that pass a third-party laboratory analysis confirming pure CBD potency, legal THC levels, and which tests for heavy metals and pesticides. The brands we carry also contain high-quality natural ingredients and demonstrate high standards in their production and organization practices.

With so many unvetted CBD products out there, providing consciously curated premium CBD products is indeed fulfilling a major need in the market.

What is my take on CBD?

CBD Molecule

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural compound produced by the hemp plant and may promote the healthy function of the endocannabinoid system enabling homeostasis, a state of steady internal physical and chemical conditions maintained within our bodies.

CBD is not THC and is non-psychoactive. CBD binds with receptors in the endocannabinoid system like those in the nervous and immune systems, improving the functionality of these receptors. Pretty cool stuff!

It is essential to understand:

  1. The FDA prevents businesses from making any health claims about CBD
  2. Most information about CBD found online is made of anecdotal experiences
  3. Claims regarding the possible benefits of CBD for anxiety, depression, chronic pain, epilepsy, insomnia, PTSD, and others still need further study

Having stated the facts above, I dare bring a few points up for discussion.

Within the wellness community, it is common to hear about growing numbers of individuals battling chronic pain, who, after trying cannabis or high-potency full-spectrum CBD have found some level of comfort and reduced or even stopped using narcotics altogether.

A great example is the story of the director of Compassionate Care Nursing Services, Elizabeth Hayes. She was wheelchair bounded after battling with a chronic condition. After she decided to give medical cannabis a try, her overall health improved considerably to the point where she was able to walk again.

My husband, like many others, has found that taking CBD oil sublingually balances out his nervous system, helping him relax and improving the quality of his sleep …lucky me! 

While anecdotal, examples like these are prevalent enough to encourage further study of the possible therapeutic effects of cannabis.

To this point it is also worth mentioning the Patent the US Government holds over Cannabinoids under the title “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants,” as well as the release of Epidiolex, the first FDA approved prescription CBD medicine for the treatment of seizures associated with two severe forms of epilepsy.

Advancements are only possible through proper research, which unfortunately is being limited by the criminalization of cannabis - which itself has drastic and unfair socio-economic consequences in our communities. I believe that cannabis should be decriminalized and share the stance presented by the Schaffer commission in the 1970s, stating this recommendation. 

Throughout this journey and all its challenges, the effort we have put into providing consciously curated products and information out there for our clients’ health and peace of mind, has been well worth it. We love to hear feedback from customers sharing how they have found relief in CBD. We hope there is further study, understanding, and acceptance of CBD and cannabis and are honored to play a small role in this effort.

A Final Word

When it comes to CBD for sale online, not all CBD stores are the same. Did you know Amazon prohibits products containing Cannabidiol? While most online CBD stores carry hundreds of brands using no criteria whatsoever, Hemp Circle chooses to carry only premium-grade CBD products. The brands Hemp Circle carries are third-party lab tested, made with natural or organic CBD extract and ingredients, and demonstrate high ethical standards in their organization practices. With so many unvetted CBD products out there, it is reassuring to purchase CBD from a source you can trust. For the latest news, events, and discounts visit and join us on Facebook and Instagram!

*Note: I offer my opinion as an individual based on my personal experiences and research. This information is not intended to provide medical advice nor to replace the advice of a medical doctor. I encourage the audience to do their own research and consult with a physician before using CBD.

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